Friday, August 1, 2014

More Amazing Blocks...

It is hard to describe the kind of lift we receive with each envelope, and the joy we get from each block.

Anonymous, Kiryat Motzkin  אנונימית, קריית מוצקין
It is obvious that every block is being made with love and care. The attention to detail is remarkable - these photos don't do the work justice! Each tiny stitch, carefully planned line, lovingly chosen fabric... it all adds up to a whole lot of love.

Iris Levy, Bnei Brak   איריס לוי, בני ברק
Thank you, quilters, the whole world over!

Quilters planning to send us a block: your envelope needs to be postmarked the 15th of August latest! So download your application form (click the button on the right), fill it in, and send it with your block right away!

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