Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friendship, Unity and Am Yisrael

We received a very special collection of blocks this week.

Four friends in the North of Israel each made blocks for this project in their own homes. Then they sliced each block into quarters and sewed them back together in patchwork, as a symbol of the unity and togetherness of Am Yisrael.

(Every block contains the work of 4 quilters; we are listing 1 per block so that the name each quilter is clear.)

Michal, Kibbutz Reshafim  מיכל, קיבוץ רשפים
Orah, Katzrin   אורה, קצרין

Tzipah, Tirat Tzvi  ציפה, טירת צבי

Yonah, Moshav Kidmat-Tzvi  יונה, מושב קידמת-צבי

We were so touched by this meaningful process.

Thank you for adding an extra dimension to this project - now our Unity Quilts will contain Unity Blocks.

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