Thursday, August 28, 2014

Modern Style

Thank you, fabulous quilters, for adding some modern designs to these special quilts!

Zahavah  זהבה

Yehudit, Ramat HaSharon  יהודית, רמת השרון

Aliza, Kfar Saba  עליזה, כפר סבא

Elisheva, Beit Shemesh  אלישבע, בית שמש

Stitching Friends

When friends plan together, wonderful things happen...

Irit, Ra'anana  אירית, רעננה

Rachel, Hertzeliyah  רחל, הרצליה
Thank you for your beautiful and meaningful handwork.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Remembering Our Boys

Thank you to the fabulous quilters who created these amazing blocks of three. We found them very moving.

Carmela, Moshav Tzofit  כרמלה, מושב צופית

Ednah, Kfar Saba  עדנה, כפר סבא

Meri, Hertzeliya  מרי, הרצליה
Sarah, Moshav Sdeh Chemed  שרה, מושב שדה חמד

Rivkah, Hod HaSharon  רבקה, הוד השרון

Michal, Kfar Maleli  מיכל, כפר מללי

Blocks with Applique

More blocks arrived this week that were sent right at the edge of the deadline - and boy are we glad to get them! Yet more examples of the wide range of skills all you quilters are bringing to this project: hand and machine applique, beautiful stitch work, surface design... it's just wonderful.

Ellen, London  אלן, לונדון

Yehudit, Ramat HaSharon  יהודית, רמת השרון

Daphnah, Kfar Saba  דפנה, כפר סבא
Thank you.

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Power of Naming

Thank you to the very special people who had this idea.

(Two quilters were involved in creating each block; we have listed them separately for clarity.)

Amy, Katzrin איימי, קצרין

Tzipah, Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi  ציפה, קיבוץ טירת-צבי

Gil-Ad, Naftali, Eyal - we will never forget you. We will remember your names and your faces always.

More Log Cabins

These blocks were made by a 9 year old girl. That makes THREE 9 year olds who have made blocks for our quilts. Three kids who are learning about the healing power of quilts. It lifts our spirits.

Moriyah (age 9), Bet Shemesh  מוריה (בת 9), בית שמש
Moriyah (age 9), Bet Shemesh  מוריה (בת 9), בית שמש

Thursday, August 21, 2014

3 is a Magic Number

Several quilters sent us 3 blocks this week - thank you so much. We will use one in each quilt.

Lisa, Highland Park   ליסה, היילנד פרק

Ramona, Raanana  רמונה, רעננה

Felisa, Edison  פליסה, אדיסון

PS I couldn't resist! The title is a song from "Schoolhouse Rock" :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Striking Star

We received this beautiful block, and know how gorgeous it will look when joined together with other lovingly made blocks from all over the world.

Tzvia, Kochav Ya'ir  צביה, כוכב יאיר

Thank you. What a circle of achdut we are building.

Lovely Blocks from Far Away

As usual, we are touched by the care and effort that has gone into making blocks that are elegant and meaningful.

Roz, Montreal  רוז, מונטראל

Roz, Montreal  רוז, מונטראל

Sharon, Montreal  שרון, מונטראל

Sharon, Montreal  שרון, מונטראל

Thank you.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Little Ladybugs

We got some ladybugs from Tel Aviv! They made us smile.

Simona, Tel Aviv  סימונה, תל אביב

Simona, Tel Aviv  סימונה, תל אביב

Simona, Tel Aviv  סימונה, תל אביב
Thank you.

Bright Blocks!

Here are some blocks we received from Canada, including one from a 9 year old - thank you so much for joining this special project.

Gillian (age 9), Ontario  ג'יליאן (בת 9), אונטריו
Honey, Toronto  הני, טורונטו

Deanna, Toronto  דינה, טורונטו

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Made With Lots of Love

A heart.
A dove.
The initials of three beloved boys.

This is what we get in the mail: outpourings of love, and wishes for healing.

Melissa, Be'er Sheva  מליסה, באר שבע

Marina, Bet Shemesh  מרינה, בית שמש

Ruth, London  רות, לונדון
 Thank you.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wow! It's the 15th of August! כבר 15 לאוגוסט!

 בבקשה לשלוח את הבלוק שלך היום
Send in your block today!

Thanks! ממש תודה!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Seeing Stars

3 stars arrived on the same day, each one unique in design and in feel. Thank you, quilters, for adding light to these special quilts.

Anonymous, Rechovot  אנונימית, רחובות

Leah, Netanya  לאה, נתניה

Marina, Bet Shemesh  מרינה, בית שמש

Blue and White Pinwheels

We owe great thanks to this quilter for helping get the word out about this project by mentioning us on her blog (you can read it here!)

We don't mind how the word gets out - we're just glad each time a quilter helps us make the circle of unity a bit wider.

Here are her blocks:
Cindy, Bet Shemesh  סינדי, בית שמש

Cindy, Bet Shemesh  סינדי, בית שמש

Cindy, Bet Shemesh  סינדי, בית שמש

Quilters - you gotta get your blocks in the mail tomorrow! So finish 'em up, address the envelope, and get yourself to a post-office!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Look What We've Got!

Colorful improv, check.
Meticulous piecing, check.
Beautiful applique, check.
Designs old and new, check.
We've got it all.

Marilyn, Hamilton  מנוחה, המילטון

Dalyah, Nes Tzionah  דליה, נת ציונה

Shifra, Beitar Illit  שפרה, ביתר עילית

Diane, West Hartford  דיאן, ווסט הרטפורד

Thank you again for your care for, and dedication to, our three families. Your whole-hearted participation in this act of unity takes our breath away.

If you haven't sent a block yet... it's not too late!
Application form on the right; fabric and machine under your hands. You know what to do.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Inspiration in Blue and White

The range and quality of design and techniques we are seeing is remarkable!

Check these out, from Canada, Israel and the US:

Deborah, Montreal  דבורה, מונטראל

Alissa, Rechovot  אליסה, רחובות

Miriam, Brookline  מרים, ברוקליין

Please add your designs to our quilts!
Your envelope must be postmarked by 15th April - so print an application form, and sew a block today!